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TRAVELING TO New York / Las Vegas

The Best Travel Guide To


The Best Travel Guide To New York and Las Vegas

The United States of America has a lot to offer for travellers. The USA has some of the world’s most famous cities, two of which are New York City and Las Vegas. Our brand new books will provide you with everything you need to know o get the most out of your travels to either of these diverse cities with her new The Best Travel Guide To New York and Las Vegas books.

The Best Travel Guide To New York

It’s that time of the year when you have decided to travel to one of the biggest cities in the world, the fashion capital of the United States and the city where dreams are woven, created and made – New York. Till date, New York is the fantasy of millions of tourists worldwide who want to spend as much time as they can in exploring the city and letting the magic of New York sink in. From being a concrete jungle to the place where fashion week is in full swing to celebrity galore, New York is a must-visit place on your travel checklist.

International Travellers to New York City

The first requirement of international travel is the Visa, which generally gives non-citizens clearance to enter USA and remain there within specified restrictions. However, USA also has a Visa-Waiver program which allows citizens of certain countries to travel to USA without a visa, when they meet certain requirements, under U.S. laws. So international travellers and tourists (i.e. non-residents) to the United States can travel without visa (if they come under the purview of the Visa Waiver Program) or they will have to necessarily apply for a visa for the course of their trip.

Familiarizing yourself with New York City

Locating NYC – The orientation of Big Apple

New York City, also going by its monikers of “The City”, “NYC”, “New York” or “Big Apple”, is the powerhouse of fame, money and power, and wields substantial impact on the commercial, financial, media, art, fashion, research, technological, educational, and entertainment industries of the world. One of the most densely populous metropolitan agglomerations in the United States, NYC is home to many important to global cultural, social and financial organizations. Located on Northeastern coast of the United States and sitting right on the shoreline of one of the longest harbors in the world, New York is the naturally sheltered meeting place of the Hudson River and the North Atlantic Ocean.

The Best Travel Guide To New York Map

Arts and Culture

New York City has amassed immense cultural wealth in the last 4 centuries on account of the influx of innumerable exodus from all over the world. Home to some of the most treasured pieces of art and culture, NYC has many museums, galleries, events and monuments that showcase the vastness and the richness of its ethos.


NYC has some of the best museums in the entire world, featuring the best and the forgotten parts of world history. Some of the best have been summarized below.

Museum of Modern Art

Situated in Midtown East in NYC, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) was re-inaugurated and reopened in the year 2004 after a hiatus of a two-year redesign by Japanese architect Yoshio Taniguchi. Doubling the space from earlier, the MoMA features some of the most impressive artworks of the world from the 21st, 20th and the 19th centuries. The entry is $25 for adults, $18 for seniors, $14 for students, and free for children less than 16 years of age. Friday evening entries between 4 PM to 8 PM are free. Plan a tour to the MoMA to see some of the world’s greatest pieces of art under one roof.

Taxi NYC quick facts:

• The official numbers of passengers that are allowed in a taxi are 4 – three in the back and one in the front.

• The medallion number-illuminated taxis are available; that means that they’re on duty.

• Tipping hotel doormen hailing cabs as well as taxi drivers $1 is expected.

• The fare on the minimum side is $2.50, and increases by 50 cents for every 1/5th of a mile. Additionally, an NY state tax surcharge of 50 cents/ride exists. Night charges of $0.50 between

8PM to 6AM and a rush-hour charge of $1 between 4PM to 8PM is applicable between Mondays to Fridays.

• The yellow cabs accept cash as well as credit cards such as American Express, MasterCard and VISA.

• You have to pay for toll charges apart from the metered fares.

• If you’ve lost items or have any other problems, you can dial 311 in NYC to enquire about the same. Tourists can also visit the Taxi and Limousine Commission website for more info.

The Best Travel Guide To New York

The Best Travel Guide to Las Vegas

This city is the world’s official and original forget-all-your-worries place; sassy, colorful, ostentatious and grand, Las Vegas is the travel fantasy of thousands of tourists all over the world. Right from showgirls, Elvis impersonators, livewire entertainment shows, spectator sports, and nightlife to its fun rides, exhibitions and the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas works nothing short of magic. From being a place which was originally run by mobsters to now housing innumerable hotel-casinos which offer only the best of the best and a wide variety of choice for tourists, the infectious energy and vibe that is Las Vegas is a must-travel destination for tourists visiting the U.S.

Getting into Sin City

Getting to Las Vegas is easy by air and road. Currently there are no direct rail options to Las Vegas (Vegas does not have a train station), but tourists can take the train in to a few miles away and then take the bus or drive down to Vegas. Getting in by flight is easy for interstate as well as international travelers.

By Plane

Las Vegas has two main airports – McCarran International Airport and Henderson Executive Airport

Driving Down To Sin City

Driving is one of the most popular ways of getting into Las Vegas.

• The Interstate 15 is crowded almost every weekend as Southern Californians drive back and forth to Sin City. Congested with frustrating stop-and-go traffic going southbound (out of Las Vegas) on Sunday afternoons and northbound (into Las Vegas) on Friday evenings. However, the 280 mile (450 km) drive along Interstate 15 is scenic and restful during off-peak hours. Places of charm and interest along the I-15 include the small hotelcasinos in Nevada at Jean and Primm

By Bus

Mega Bus – This express bus service to/from Los Angeles and Riverside offers not only the comforts of double deck coaches but also power outlets, Wi-Fi and seats starting from $1.

The Best Travel Guide To Las Vegas Map

 A few recommended hotels:

Hotels on the Strip

People say location is everything; in Las Vegas, it is true to the last word. The Strip is the electric spine of energy of this legendary town where the entire chill, thrills and the perennial buzz is; it is always hip to party and stay on the Strip, which is about everything that Sin City stands for. Each hotel on the Strip is fantastic, elegant and ostentatious in itself, and tourists will never run out of choices.

• Aria at CityCenter: Panoramic views of Las Vegas, exclusive dining, dynamic nightlife and exciting entertainment. (5 Star)

• Bellagio: Embodiment of luxury, gourmet food, cultural enlightenment, quality, romance and elegance.

• Circus Circus: A family favorite hotel with gourmet dining, midway games and thrilling rides. (3 Star)

• Encore at Wynn: Opulent salon and spa, ultra-chic nightclub, 5 restaurants, 7 lounges and bars and numerous retail outlets. (5 Star)

Venetian: Featuring a charm of Venice, the hotel has spacious guest suites, shops and a casino and shops. (5 Star)

The Best Travel Guide To Las Vegas Hotel

 Las Vegas Gambling Tips

Tourists should know about a few things about Las Vegas casinos, betting games, how to play and other aspects about gambling in Las Vegas.

• Playing against locals Tourists should know necessarily if they sit down to play at a table where the dealer greets everyone at the table by name, then they should leave; these players are locals who play daily and make their living off poor chumps like unsuspecting tourists. Tourist should play against other tourists, especially drunk ones! Tourists should head to poker rooms around 3 AM, use the time change to their advantage, or try playing at the Venetian. The clubs are clearing out and the games are usually tourists vs. tourists.

Drinking cheap at the Wynn Most tourists do not know this, but most Sin City casinos serve free booze and alcohol to all gamblers, and one does not necessarily have to sit down at a $200 blackjack table for them.

The Best Places to Gamble

For the penny pinchers If tourists have this big urge to gamble but are stuck with a bank account that does not match, it is still possible for them to have hours and hours of sun on limited funds. Tip: If tourists want to gamble on budgets, the games of Bingo or keno usually make money last longer.

• Gamble like a local at Fremont Street If tourists want to gamble like locals, then the locals’ casinos on Fremont Street is THE place to go. Also known as downtown, Fremont Street hosts all classic casinos such as the El Cortez, Four Queens and the Binion’s. While they are not as fancy as their Strip counterparts, they are the cheapest games and gambling gigs in town. Tourists should check out local bars such as the Beauty Bar (local band bar), Insert Coins (video arcade bar), and the Mama (piano bar). Fremont Place is THE place to be for gambling, entertainment and inexpensive food.

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The Best Travel Guide To New York and Las Vegas

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The Best Travel Guide To New York Book

Chapter 1: Travel Requirements

Chapter 2: Getting Into Big Apple

Chapter 3: Familiarizing Yourself With NYC

Chapter 4: Travelling in NYC

Chapter 5: Hotels and Accommodation

Chapter 6: The City That Never Sleeps

Chapter 7: Feasting, Wining And Dining In the Big Apple

Chapter 8: Arts and culture

Chapter 9: Shopping and Sightseeing

Chapter 10: The Hidden Treasures

Chapter 11: Staying safe

Chapter 12: Managing in NYC

Chapter 13: Exiting NYC

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The Best Travel Guide To Las Vegas

Chapter 1: Travel Requirements

Chapter 2: Getting Into Sin City

Chapter 3: Familiarizing Yourself With Las Vegas

Chapter 4: Travelling in Las Vegas

Chapter 5: Hotels and Accommodation

Chapter 6: Feasting, Wining And Dining In Sin City

Chapter 7: Concerts And Special Events

Chapter 8: Explore Las Vegas

Chapter 9: Recreation in Sin City

Chapter 10: The Best Of Las Vegas

Chapter 11: Staying safe in Sin City

Chapter 12: Managing and coping in Sin City

Chapter 13: Exiting Las Vegas

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