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Egypt for Tourists: The Top 3 Locations

Egypt is a wonderful country. Home to the world famous pyramids, and an incredible history that stretches back to the very start of our history; it is one of the oldest travel destinations in the world. Along with the pyramids, Egypt also hosts a range of natural wonders; including the Red Sea and Sahara Desert. So come with us today, on our tour of Egypt for tourists: the top 3 locations in Egypt!


Hurghada has been a beneficiary of Egypt’s fantastic tourist trade. Once a small fishing village, it has transformed into one of the most popular destinations in the entire country; and is home to over 100 different hotels! You’ll find most of these hotels on the shoreline, making them even more popular. Given its proximity to the sea, Hurghada has become famous for the diving opportunities that it presents to tourists – making this a once in a lifetime experience!


Dahshur can be located on the west bank of the Nile River. This is tranquil, beautiful and isolated home to some of the largest Pyramids in Egypt; including the Bent Pyramid and the Red Pyramid. Because of the aforementioned qualities, and its location, Dahshur has far smaller visitor numbers than many of the other monuments. This means that the queues are far shorter, and it’s less busy. If you are looking for a quiet and authentic cultural experience, get yourself to Dahshur.

Giza Necropolis

The Giza Necropolis is possibly the most famous site in the Ancient World, and for good reason. Located in the suburbs of Cairo, it is home to the Giza Plateau and Sphinx, along with a host of other pyramids and temples. The necropolis is the most visited site in Egypt, and you’ll face enormous queues to get into the main pyramids, so make sure you get yourself there with plenty of time to spare!



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