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Madrid For Tourists: The Top 3 Locations

Visiting Spain? Well, no trip would be complete without a visit to Madrid. Spain’s magnificent capital is one of the most visited tourist hotspots in the world, and for good reason. Boasting several great football teams, a wealth of art, architecture and a more modern approach than other cities, Madrid is a once in a lifetime experience. So what are you waiting for? Come with us, on our tour of Madrid for tourists: the top 3 locations!

Gran Via

We start our tour of Madrid with a modern visit. Gran Via is Madrid’s central tourist artery, and boasts an incredible number of attractions. This includes the world famous Metropolis building, the Hotel de la Letras and Museu Chicote! Along with all this, Gran Via is also home to upmarket shops, bars and casinos. The street runs for over a kilometre, so take your pick! Gran Via is somewhere that you just have to visit.

San Gines

Next up, chocolate! If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love this. San Gines is one of the most famous chocolatiers in the world, and we can assure you that a visit is well worth it. Serving hot chocolate, churros or porras, you’ll be waited on hand and food by dedicated staff; with the sole aim of fulfilling your sweet cravings. If that isn’t enough, consider this. The churros and porras have been produced by San Gines since 1894, using the exact same recipe!

El Oso y el Madrono

We finish our tour with a tourist meeting point. The Bear and The Strawberry Tree sculpture is the essential symbol of the city of Madrid. It stands at over 4 metres tall, and is located right in the very heart of Madrid – Puerta del Sol. Make sure you get a picture before leaving!



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