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Naples For Tourists: The Top 3 Locations

Naples, or Napoli, is one of the most popular and quaint tourist locations in Italy. It’s cobbled, historic streets will seduce even the most hard-hearted of travellers, and there is a reason that it is close to so many tourist hearts. In this blog, we’ll take you around Naples for tourists: the top 3 locations.

National Archaeological Museum

One of the most famous museums in the world, the National Archaeological Museum is an integral part of Naples culture. Home to the most incredible collections of Roman art and artifacts on the planet, this is a must visit location. Recent renovations have seen the owners strive to make the gallery even more tourist friendly, with impoved audio descriptions and guide, and fresh new maps. If you are an art or history lover, you cannot afford NOT to visit the National Archaeological Museum.


You won’t be surprised to hear that number 2 on our list, is the famous ruins of Pompeii. Take one of the incredible guided tours of the city, and wonder in the tragic history of the once great city. Destroyed by a volcanic eruption, the ashes of the city paint a heartbreaking image for tourists and local people alike. If you’re looking for a slice of Italian history, this is the place to visit.

Eat Pizza!

Okay, so maybe this isn’t a location, but we couldn’t live with ourselves if we didn’t recommend you try out the local cuisine. Ever wondered why Italy is so famous for its pizza? The reason is Naples! The Naples residents take their pizza VERY seriously, so you can rest be assured that wherever you visit, you will be getting nothing but the finest pizza around. So what you are waiting for? Tuck in!



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