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Rome For Kids: The Top 3 Locations

Planning a trip with your kids? You can’t go wrong with the city of Rome. As well as being one of the most beautiful, historical and exciting cities to visit, Rome also has an absolute luxury of fun activities, that you and your children can take part in. Whether you are planning a fun filled activity day or a family day out, we’ve got all the answers right here. So join us on our tour of Rome for kids, the top 3 locations!

The Colosseum

There’s no better place to start off our tour of Rome with a trip to ancient times. If your bringing older children, they’ll revel in the gruesome history of the Colosseum. For younger kids, why not take a trip to the Circus Maximus? If you’re a history loving family, then you really must visit the Pantheon. Surrounded by quaint restaurants, picnic areas and quiet places to enjoy a drink, you can have a fun, learning experience at this fantastic location.

Eating Italy Food Tours

When in Rome, eat like a Roman! Eating Italy Food Tours provide the perfect chance for a fun, exciting and crucially tasty experience, that both you and your kids can enjoy. The tours have a sector devoted specifically for kids, with the aim of helping them to create (and then enjoy) great tasting Pizzas. Parents can join in, or sit back and relax with a class of wine, while your kids have an amazing time. Bon Appetite!

Museo dei Bambini

The Museo dei Bambini is the final stop on our tour. Designed specifically for kids, this is the epitome of a great day out. Otherwise known as the Explore Museum, the venue is host to several play areas, providing your kids with a fantastic opportunity to exercise and exhaust themselves. You’ll have hours of fun watching your kids frolic in the play pen, while you sit back comfy. Enjoy!



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