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Texas For Tourists: The Top 3 Locations

Texas is often known as ‘The Lone Star State’ but there’s nothing lone about this multicultural, and geographical, paradise. Offering almost every single type of landscape, from deserts to mountains to beautiful coasts; Texas is also home to some of the bigger and most popular cities in the world. So, what are you waiting for? Come with us on our tour of Texas for Tourists: the top 3 locations!

Texas School Book Depository

Okay, we hate to start off our tour with something morbid, but it’s very interesting! The Texas School Book Depository, from where the fatal shots that killed JFK (supposedly) were fired has now been turned into a museum that depicts Kennedy’s legacy. The museum runs through the history and key events of his presidential campaign, and his term as president, and this is all backed up with an enormous range of photos and historical items. So, if you fancy paying homage to one of America’s most popular presidents, then make sure you visit!

Houston Space Center

This is an absolutely fascinating exhibit, which both you and your kids will love. The Space Center is located about 30 minutes away from the middle of Houston. It is famous for providing such an incredible insight into NASA itself, with a HUGE number of exhibits, models, artifacts and space samples on display. For kids, you can dress up as a real astronaut, and even experience a space simulator!

AT&T Stadium

We know, we know. Everyone hates The Cowboys, but there is plenty more to see at this great stadium than just football. ‘Jerryworld’ is the third biggest stadium in the country, and plays host to a huge number of concerts, basketball matches, soccer and even motocross. Make sure that you visit, for the spectacle at least. The view from the upper row is absolutely breathtaking! Besides, it was a catch…



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