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Virginia For Tourists: The Top 3 Locations

Ah Virginia. The home of chivalry, and well…presidency! If you are visiting the States this year, then you absolutely can’t miss out on a trip to Americas most historical state! With natural wonders, history and more; Virginia is surely one of the top tourist locations in America. So come with us on our tour of Virginia for Tourists: the top 3 locations!

Colonial Williamsburg

We start our visit with a trip back in time. There are few places as iconic and memorable as the home of the American Revolution. Here, in Colonial Williamsburg, you will find many of the original 18th century buildings still standing. You can walk the same streets as Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson and even eat in the same place as Thomas Jefferson. Williamsburg was an absolute hotbed of independence, and still is, so dig in to your slice of history right now!

Mount Vernon

Ready for some more history? I’ll bet you are. Mount Vernon was the home of George Washington for 45 years, and it stands as a historical testament to the great leader. You will absolutely love touring the grand 21 room house, sampling the ancient décor and brilliant wallpaper. The house is authentic from top to bottom, crammed with personal reminders of George and his wife, along with some fantastic family portraits!


We finish our tour with a wildlife paradise. Chincoteague is a nationally protected wildlife refuge, boasting over 14,000 acres of shoreline and containing many magnificent species of animals. However, the most famous residents of the island are the wild ponies that roam free. Gaze upon their beauty from afar, or swim, take a bus, watch the birds, visit the lighthouse or even just go fishing. The world is your oyster, at Chincoteague.



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